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Malaga’s Financial Troubles

Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini came under some scrutiny from the Spanish media following the latest news surrounding the clubs recent tax bill. Pellegrini went on to admit how the clubs current financial position is a slight worry but he ensured everyone that Malaga’s problems are far less severe in comparison with other teams.

Pellegrini was questioned by a news correspondent about debts being owed, and taxes not being payed, the gaffer responded to this by saying “Here, you maybe missing some days where you have spent money (instead of paying off debts), but this isn’t a critical situation, far from it. The club has it all. I assure you that there are also clubs that owe much more and Malaga should not be worried about that.”

Pellegrini was adamant the money would be cleared, and the situation had just been brought to light by pesky news reporters. Also, with the heavy cash injection from last year, it is highly unlikely for the club to face a problem with such significance as this, isn’t it?

However, following the money allegations, something very peculiar happened. Considering they were supposedly not to worried about the money situation as Pellegrini said, surely Isco, Santi Cazorla and Rondon all being allowed to leave shortly after is surely a cause for alarm. Isco, Santi Cazorla and Rondon all regulary featured last season for Malaga, and were vital in the club securing a 4th place finish, just above Atletico Madrid and Levante. Reports coming out today suggest that Malaga must sell  2/3 of their prized assets in order to balance out their finances. So this not so critical situation seems far more severe then being suggested from the Malaga boss.

So Just How Good Are These Players Mentioned Above?

Isco – A young, calm, cool and collected central midfielder, plays a similar to position to Luka Modric, and almost replicates the Croatian.

Santi Cazorla – A winger who’s pace and dribbling ability earns many plaudits. Cazorla was essential for getting Champions League football, and would surely be needed once again to help them with their Champions Cup dream.

Salomon Rondon – Young striker, came among the goals towards the backend of the season, the only difference in him going was, this was expected with Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Chelsea all being linked with the striker.

Last year, Malaga, following their extreme cash boost, went on a huge spending spree. They had brought in; Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Nacho Monreal, Jeremy Toulalan, Joris Mathijsen, Diego Buoneanotte, Martin Demichelis, Santi Cazorla and Joaquin. All the signings Malaga made in this transfer window would ultimately equate to the clubs biggest ever transfer window spending spree! Yet, with the ongoing financial problems at Malaga, it’s hard to know whether the troubles are all speculation from the press, and that the situation is being ridiculously overstated  or whether there is real cause for concern.

The likes of Rondon, Cazorla and Isco have attracted strong interest from some of Europe’s elite clubs including: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and serveral others. Expect some of Europe’s top clubs to make a move for some of Malaga’s star players and a once bright future at Malaga may no longer seem quite so bright after all…

Is The Club Is On The Verge Of A Financial Meltdown? Is This Why Some Of The Clubs Prized Assets May Be Sold?

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