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A Collection Of Thierry Henry’s Greatest Moments At Arsenal

Yesterday marked an anniversary of when Thierry Henry joined Arsenal on August the 3rd 1999. Who would have known that 13 years later the French striker would be remembered as a club great and one of the best footballers to ever grace the Premier League? There are not enough words to describe what an iconic figure Henry is and the outstanding achievements he has had at Arsenal. Wenger took a risk signing Henry and that risk paid off big time. Arsene Wenger gave Henry the confidence he needed to progress in his career as a striker a role he wasn’t used to previously. At his old clubs Monaco and Juventus Henry was widely utilised on the wing but Wenger has a knack of turning exciting prospects into superstars and that’s exactly what he did with Henry.

Thierry Henry still has Arsenal in his heart and it is his ambition to come back to Arsenal once again, following a previous loan spell at the club recently. He has previously stated how he would do anything to be back at Arsenal even becoming a groundsmen! It is unclear as to how he will return at Arsenal. Will he become a coach at Arsenal? Or will he return on loan again for now? What we all know is Arsenal Football Club and its fans will embrace him with open arms and chant his name in awe repeatedly. What he has done for Arsenal will always be remembered and cherish not only by Arsenal fans but football fans everywhere. His magic and ability at Highbury has made him one of the best footballers ever to grace the world stage.

Take a look at the videos below to remember some of Henry’s greatest Arsenal moments, although im sure there are many more great moments at Arsenal to come for the icon and legend that is Thierry Henry!


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