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Ibrahim Afellay Likely To Remain A Barcelona Player This Summer…


Contrary to ever buzzing rumours, Ibrahim’s agent has clearly stated that the player is going nowhere. Ibrahim had prior to this statement been linked to a variety of different clubs including the likes of: Arsenal FC, Liverpool and Internazionale. Like Nuri Sahin however, Ibrahim seems more open to a loan move or so his agent says.

“Afellay could go out on loan for a year,” his representative, Rob Jansen, told Italian reporters over the weekend. “Yes, that is a possibility.”

Vilanova affirms that Ibrahim is still part of his season campaign plans and he has no intention whatsoever to sell the player but, who knows these days.

“Can we completely rule out a summer exit? You never know in football, but it’s highly unlikely that he will leave Barcelona.”

You see what I mean?…

With football transfers, I have learned to take whatever I hear with a pinch of salt until I see the player holding up a club shirt and taking photographs, all the while saying “Cheese” and thinking to himself how blinding the camera lights can be.

Ibrahim who like Arsenal’s Wilshire had been side-lined by injury through most of last season is looking to make himself useful on the pitch this coming season. However, I envisage that this would be an uphill task as Barcelona have a plethora of experienced, classy and sublime mid-fielders in their arsenal plus, they have also bid for Arsenal’s Alex Song, although, its seems Song would much prefer to remain a gunner. Ibrahim would have to more than prove himself, he’ll have to be outstandingly outstanding if there’s anything like that. My personal advice would be for him to go on loan to a team that would use him extensively, like a mid-table Premier League team, possibly Tottenham or maybe Newcastle? I would have suggested Arsenal but giving that Sahin might be camping at Holloway Road, having Ibrahim would be an overkill. In my opinion, Barcelona would much prefer to keep the Dutchman as a valuable squad member unless, they receive a transfer they cannot refuse and force him out the door. After all Afellay doesn’t appear desperate to leave the Spanish outfit so I wouldn’t expect any movement on this front.

You can see a video of the pacy Dutchman in action below:


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