Will Robin Van Persie Stay At Arsenal?

Firstly, many Arsenal fans have said that with the squad we have now and with more players possibly coming into the club, losing the prolific striker would not be as big of a blow as it may seem. However, although I also believe it will not be so bad if we lose him, I would like for him to stay at the club. If he stays the squad will be much stronger than it will be without him and that can only be good for us. He may be a [insert insulting comment about him here] but he is a world-class striker, no matter what you think of him there is no denying that. And we are going to need a world-class striker if we want to compete. Rooney is reaching his peak age, Aguero will only improve on what he did last season and if Torres can regain three-quarters of the form he had while in a red shirt on Merseyside then he could cause major problems for any defence.

That being said, he still has shown disrespect to club, the fans and most of all to Arsene Wenger by releasing that statement on the 4th of July and this cannot go unpunished. For me he should be stripped of the captaincy if he is to stay at Arsenal. We can’t claim to be a well run club then have a captain who is not even committed to the club.

The following are reasons as to why he may want to stay at the club:

He didn’t exactly say he wants to leave the club, this may just be me clutching at straws here but the main point from his statement was ‘I will not be extending my contract’, not I want to leave the club. See the difference? Also thanks to Arsenal’s regular posting of pics taken of the squad during their training sessions, Robin seems to be quite happy. Everyday we get to see a smile there and the last time i checked smiling wasn’t a sign of unhappiness. He hasn’t refused to play or train with the team (yes i don’t believe he refused to go on the Asia tour) like our former beloved captain Fabregas, so it is all looking good from this point of view.

Also what is quite surprising is the lack of interest in van Persie. After scoring almost 40 goals last season, you would have been forgiven for expecting Xavi, Iniesta and the rest of the Barca crew to be declaring their adoration of Robin and using all their other tricks to try to lure him to the catalan club. Juventus have dropped their interest due to not being able to match our valuation, Man City have also dropped their interest, maybe after realising they have no need to get a seventh striker. This leaves Man United as the only team in for our flying Dutchman. The thought of Robin in a Manchester United shirt makes me sick, but there is not much need to worry about that as from Fergie’s words on the matter after their pre-season loss to Barcelona show that they are nowhere close to getting our man. ‘We have made a bid and they (Arsenal) have been trying to negotiate with other clubs. We just have to persevere. Hopefully it will come our way. We are trying our best but there is no progress at this moment in time. I do not have a gut feeling on it at the moment, I must admit. We are not getting any breakthrough with Arsenal. It is difficult to say why they are operating this way. I do not know what their thoughts are because they are not giving anything away’. To me this translates as ‘We have tried but it seems our bid is not good enough, we are really struggling to get him as Arsene is being very tough but we are hoping that he himself tries to force a move’. If that is the case then very well done to Arsenal, we cannot say we are ambitious and want to compete then continuously sell our best players to our direct rivals. That only makes them stronger and doesn’t help us catch them.

What is certain is, no player is bigger than the club and Arsenal have recovered from all kinds of setbacks in the past and we will continue to do so.

This matter should be resolved before the season starts but for now we must be patient and wait for the final outcome…

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2 comments on “Will Robin Van Persie Stay At Arsenal?

  1. Most of the fans think that RVP is robish, think well, RVP din’t want leave the club bcos every fan know that we are just loving the club but we are not happy about his feauture. In this case RVP Is not intension to leave the club but he create the policy which the club will sign more players and is happened and am sure he will stay. We all know that RVP is great hero and we love/need him

  2. I completely agree with you but Van Persie must sign a new contract if he is to stay at Arsenal it will be unsettling to keep him on a one year contract with the risk of him leaving for free in the summer. He must patch things up with the fans and club though if he is to stay!

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