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Santi’s In Town: A Gooner’s Deadline Day Wishlist

On a side note from keeping up with the sheer lunacy that is deadline day, here’s three players who I believe would improve Arsenal immensely, and are realistic targets judging based on current events and common sense.

This piece is pure speculation, so take everything below this with a grain of salt.

1. Clint Dempsey

The way he’s treated Fulham is disgraceful, but you have to put yourself in his shoes. Clint is about to be the wrong side of 30, playing for a team without much hope of challenging on any front for silverware. This is the last boat for Dempsey, and everyone knows it. He’s a versatile player who would slot into two positions in which we could use strengthening: on the wing, and as a supporting striker. Yes, Podolski and Giroud are fine players, but beyond them we have nothing of note. With Nicklas Bendtner due to have his medical tomorrow at Juventus, and Park Chu Young in negotiations with Celta Vigo, this leaves the inconsistent Marouane Chamakh as our only striking option off the bench. Beyond him, we’d be forced to move either Gervinho or Theo  Walcott into this position, which doesn’t seem promising. In the EPL, Gervinho and Theo combined for 12 goals last year. 12. Considering RVPayday bagged 37, and Clint 17 in a one man Fulham team, this just shows that despite their desires, neither of the aforementioned wingers deserve to be played as strikers. They’re just not good enough at the moment. Dempsey can serve as an attacking midfielder, striker and winger. Not too shabby, and at a price that just keeps tumbling due to his issues with management, we could bag ourselves a real deal, seeing as Liverpool have recently dropped out, with only Sunderland as our competition. His Clint’s motivation behind a move is to play in the Champion’s League, which Sunderland obviously can’t offer. He’s ours if Arsène wants him. While he certainly isn’t my first choice for a striker, he’s got EPL experience, and is available for a reasonable price, and doesn’t seem to be after mega money either. Shrewd business in my book.

2. Yohan Cabaye

Would Arsène pay £15m for Yohan? Surely we’ve put in a bid in this region for such a quality player, and his stats don’t lie. I’d much prefer him, as he offers some of the defensive strength of Cheik Tioté with none of the recklessness. A proper central midfielder to play next to Arteta, and fight for a spot amongst pressure from Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere upon his return. Alan Pardew seems irate that we’ve inquired about two of his player, but such are the rigours of the transfer window. Trust me Alan, you could be doing a lot worse, ask Tito Vilanova and SAF.

3. Yanga M’Biwa

Another Montpellier man, Yanga is a versatile, no nonsense defender who’d slot right into out team, admittedly on the bench at first. He seems keen on a move to AC Milan, but players never seem to know what they’re doing until they sign the dotted line and hold up a team shirt, and even then nothing is certain. M’Biwa can play centre back aswell as right back, just like Koscielny. We’re overdue a utility defender, especially considering our fullback crisis halfway through the season last year. Montpellier aren’t holding out for a huge sum either, an offer of £8-10m should get us our man if we’re in competition. Should we be his only suitors however, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come for £7m. Another Wenger-esque signing that could only benefit us.

Two Dream Signings

Now that we’ve got some more realistic easily attainable players listed, it’s time to look at the fabled “special talent” Arsène seems keen to have us believe he’s after. Here are two players who I’ve always wanted to join the ranks, but have had my hopes dashed because of ridiculous fees and disagreements.

Stevan Jovetic – Fiorentina

If you don’t know who he is or where he’s from, I go into more detail about the Montenegrin Maestro here. The reason why his probability of joining is so slim? Price tag. Almost £22m to be exact. Now I know we’ve spent some hefty sums on young players, take the Ox for example. However, Arsène just seems put off by such a huge fee for a player who’s yet to really plant his feet and prove himself.

Isco – Malaga

He’s narrowly beaten out many other players I fiercely admire; namely Arturo Vidal, Robert Lewandowski and Bastian Schweinsteiger (I said unrealistic!) purely because of his potential and the skill he already possesses. Isco at 20 is a more technically sound player than 29 year old Clint Dempsey. It’s not his fee of £12m at the highest that’s the most off-putting. It’s his happiness. His desire to stay at Malaga makes perfect sense. He’s a regular starter for a good team in his home country, and he’s being paid quite well (around £70k p/w) and he’s in the Champion’s League. Sounds all too familiar to Mario Gotze. Neither Dortmund nor Malaga want to sell their young talisman, and for good reason. Scratch that one off then.

With these players, you’d better watch out for the Arsenal. Thanks for reading.

I’ll be keeping everyone as current as humanly possible on Twitter tomorrow.



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