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Giroud Can Handle It

It seems Giroud’s finally cracked, and has admitted to a rocky start at the club. I’m going to come straight out and say that anybody who doubts this man is an idiot. I have license for this, because I doubted Koscielny, and Kieran Gibbs to some extent. We’ve all made mistakes judging players too early, so let’s not do it again.

We’ve seen time and time again, that Arsène has the eye for gems. Obviously, it’s not too much to ask that France’s top goal scorer be able to find the back of the net, nor should we applaud Wenger for his enormous effort in scouting him. He’s French, he’s a striker, and he was cheap. That’s about as good as it gets in the mind of Arsène. He’s not done as well as we’d all hoped in the first three matches, but we’ve got Southampton coming up next, which is an exciting prospect. The King himself scored his first goal against the Saints, so it would be fitting that Giroud does the same. As I’ve repeated endlessly before, patience is key. He’s taking a little longer to gel, and that’s alright. In the meantime, we’ve got other options to score. Giroud’s signing marks a change of tactics in our side, and it’s obvious we haven’t played with a proper target man for ages, and I know what you’re thinking, but no, Chamakh doesn’t count.

“I’ve been freezing up a little bit just when I’ve been about to pull trigger and that’s exactly what happened in my first few matches for France,”

“I just need to not think about things too much, so that I feel as relaxed as possible when the time comes to stick the ball in the net.”

To be fair to Olivier, his chances haven’t been as clear-cut as they first seemed. Both one on one chances at Sunderland and Liverpool gave him little time to shape his body for the appropriate finish. Poor balance combined with harried decision-making makes for a fluffed chance, and when you look at the angles of both chances, it’s completely reasonable that he missed both. Put Podolski on those chances and I don’t think much would have changed. All he needs to do is get himself on the ball more, and the goals will come.


For a target man, Giroud does an awful lot of running. Our strategy doesn’t really suit him at the moment, as our wingers aren’t the best crossers around. Judging by his heat map against Liverpool, it seems he knows this too. The hard work will pay off, and with time he’ll be a force to be reckoned with. Form is a funny thing, but once he finds his groove, he’ll bang in the goals like no tomorrow.

Not too much else to talk about really, with the international break still in full swing. We’ll have more to talk about after Tuesday’s matches, as we near closer to the weekend.

Until tomorrow.



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