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Zlatan Ibrahimović – Talismanic, Symbolic, Simply Ibra

The Eiffel Tower isn’t the only national icon casting a shadow over PSG’s Parc des Princes, not now that Zlatan Ibrahimović troublesome ego’s turned up in France’s capital. He only joined PSG for €20 million this Summer, but Paris Saint-Germain and Ligue 1 are already experiencing the ‘Ibra effect’…

It was a transfer which reaffirmed Paris Saint-Germain’s intentions within European Football – to eventually become the pick of the bunch, the leaders of the European game. This Summer saw Ancelotti spend no less than £129 million, mearly back-pocket change for the Middle-Eastern funded PSG.

A glittering, cultured career has seen Zlatan Ibrahimović win two Eredivise titles, 6 Scudetto’s with three different teams and a La Liga title at Barça. He’s now, after a decade of club-hopping and title-winning, sewed his seeds in Paris. Seeds which will bear fruit in the near future.

First of all, Ibrahimović is still, despite his pompous personality, a world-class individual.  240 goals in 492 career appearances is certainly no small feat. It’s almost a goal ratio of one in every two games. He can hold up the ball, run in behind, dazzle the opposition with his quick feet or play others in – he’s a striker which any manager would strive to accommodate.

Ibrahimović’s 5 goals in 4 appearances have propelled PSG up the Ligue 1 table

Secondly, he’s a player who’ll add the world-renowned name to an increasingly impressive PSG team sheet, a name who many will flock to see. Since Ibrahimović joined the Parisian aristocrats, Ligue 1 several television channels purchase rights to broadcast France’s premier division on TV sets all around Europe – in particular England and Ibra’s homeland, Sweden.

He’s brought a whole package to PSG and, along with fellow Serie ‘A’ arrivals Thiago Silva and Ezequiel Lavezzi, has proven that Ligue 1 can attract top quality players, coming into the prime of their career. Ibrahimović, in my opinion, is the sharpest tool from the trio of Italian imports.

Questions will be asked as to what’s the real motive – money, ambition or stupidness – for the said stars to join PSG, but the fact of the matter is they’re here, in Ligue 1, so we might as well rejoice in it. Especially if you’re a neutral.

The rangy Swede may not be to the taste of everyone’s pallets, least so the opposition’s centre-halves’, but there’s no doubting the quality and style he’ll bring PSG. €20 million is a lot of money, and his yearly wage sum is astronomic too, but Ibra is the perfect candidate to take Paris Saint-Germain forward. Onwards to bigger and better things.

Despite the impurities in Ibrahimović’s personality and game, he’s a ‘worldy’ acquisition for Paris Saint-Germain as well as French football. So much so, I’ve run out of superlatives to signify the Swedish star. He’s a winner. A winner who’s won things, ultimately, on his own. Zlatan will spearhead everything PSG this season, and for the next few to come…

Written by Llew Davies Like, Comment, Share & Enjoy.


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