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Arsenal Going Forwards


Arsenal have been very successful under the management of Arsene Wenger but regardless it has now been 7 years since they won a trophy. This is a club that is full of talent and it baffles many that they haven’t added to their trophy cabinet in so long.
With new additions to the team this year they look like a team to watch. Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and the pick of the bunch Santi Cazorla.

Cazorla, 27, has been incredible for Arsenal since joining from Malaga, adding strength to the midfield. Consistently creating chance he has probably been the best midfielder they’ve had since Cesc Fabregas transferred to Barcelona.

After 2 draws started off their campaign Arsenal have been hitting the net for fun. A 6-1 victory over Southampton proved that they have the firepower to make them title contenders.

As ever, their youth system is flourishing. Another 6 goals against Coventry showed that there is quality in their reserve side too.

Questions have been raised about Arsenal not having the quality anymore, but so far this season they have played well. Cazorla provides Arsenal with a much-needed ability to turn the Arsenal style of play into chances. With Lukas Podolski in good form and Giroud breaking his duck against Coventry and getting a goal against West Ham, surely Arsenal will continue their goalscoring.

They are a side which has come under a lot of criticism for a while. Fabregas in a widely publicised move to Barcelona, Samir Nasri to Manchester City and Robin Van Persie to Manchester United, they have been called a ‘feeder club’ by some.

Wenger has not given up though, using the money wisely for replacements and only adding players when needed.

I don’t think that Arsenal should be looked upon as a ‘feeder’. They are a club that develop talent better than most others with notable examples of their development being Carl Jenkinson and Kieran Gibbs who have both blossomed into great, reliable and talented full-backs.

The only 2 players who looked good in the Chelsea game were Jenkinson and Gibbs. Yes, Arsenal had a few good spells in the game but they only seemed to threaten when Jenkinson was crossing the ball in from the wing, while every other attack looked weak.

If ever there is to be a season where this club win the title again it is this one. Everybody points to Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United when asked about title contenders, but Arsenal definitely have an outside chance. With a strong squad and a bunch of players eager to win something this could turn out to be their year. The year when the doubters could finally be silenced.

If not though, there will be more deluded calls of “Wenger out”. He has been their most successful manager in their history, helped the club to developed and kept financial problems at bay by not using much money. Every club has a trophyless blip. But as I said, with the players they have they will surely win something if they stay on form. I firmly believe that when Arsenal next win silverware they will go on to be a dominator of English football again and that Wenger will still be at the helm when this happens.


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