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The Nani Saga

Every club every year has a player who has the fans on his back. At Arsenal it’s Andrei  Arshavin, at Liverpool it’s Stewart Downing and this season its seems the Old Trafford faithful have pin pointed Portuguese winger Nani as their man this season.

Only this summer rumours were rife about Man United trying to offload Nani after they refused to meet his wage demands on a new contract. He was apparently in contract talks with Russian outfit Zenit but made his wage demands so high that they could not reach an agreement. Reportedly he made his demands so high so he would be able to stay with the Red Devils.

However, he has done no favours to convince Sir Alex into giving him a new contract this season after his lacklustre displays so far. After a few very poor displays he also did himself no favours by missing a dreadful penalty, which he was not even supposed to take, against Galatasary in the Uefa Champions League.

A couple of weeks later newspapers were writing that Nani had been involved in a training ground bust up with United youngster Davide Petrucci. Apparently Nani wasn’t too pleased with a tackle Petrucci made and confronted him. Teammates then watched on as Nani hit the young Italian and had to be dragged away from him. That weekend Nani played the game against Tottenham. Fergie, although fuming with Nani, had to start him as wingers Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia were not fit. Nani put in his best display of the season and was arguably one of United’s best creative players.

Why did Nani hit young Petrucci? In my opinion out of complete frustration of how his season has gone so far. The season he has been fighting for his United career and a new contract to reassure he is still an integral part of United’s plans and it has been his worst in a red shirt. I think this season hasn’t gone right for Nani because he is thinking too much. You can tell that he’s trying because of the way he’s tracking back this season. It’s the attacking side thats been worrying United fans this year and I wouldn’t blame them. His decision-making has been poor and he hasn’t been able to beat the man as easily as he is used to. But in saying that do I think United should sell him? No is the answer to that question. Nani is one of those players who can make something happen from nothing. Whether it’s a long-range screamer or a nutmeg through a defenders legs. Valencia is very consistent and a very good player but he is quite predictable. Nani is the total opposite. He may make stupid decisions at times and he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but he is a very useful player to have at your club. At the moment he has until January to save his United career with Juventus reportedly preparing a bid.


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