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The Arsenal Divide

11 games into the season and Arsenal currently find themselves in another slump, 16 points from an available 33 is clearly not good enough for a club that want to be challenging to win the premier league. This is a period where the club needs their fans the most, to help support them and get them out of this slump. Instead, we find ourselves divided. Every poor result is followed by an outburst of fans declaring that change is needed and calling for Wenger to be sacked, or people suggesting that it isn’t all bad and trying be positive. It is clear that there is a divide. It becomes more and more evident after every bad result, and it is only getting worse.

There are the fans who want Wenger out. I can see why there are people who want this, 7 years is a very long time for a club like Arsenal not to be winning trophies and Wenger does have his flaws. But he’s human, not perfect. I find people who are ”Wenger out” to be quite intolerable due to their lack of reasoning why they want him to be sacked, along with the manner that most operate in throwing profanities at others instead of have an actual debate. “Where has our Arsenal gone” and “We want our Arsenal back” seem to be all they can bring to a  debate. Which begs the question, which Arsenal do they want back? The one that finished 12th? When asked who they would replace Wenger with I have failed to see them come up with an adequate replacement. I doubt the group of incompetent imbeciles we call the Arsenal Board would themselves be able to find an adequate replacement either. Sacking Wenger now would probably be the stupidest thing that could happen to Arsenal right now, which top manager would want to come  and have to solve everything and be under the this board? Certainly not Guardiola.

Then there are the Arsenal fans who think that Wenger knows best and that he can do no wrong. This is quite ignorant. Wenger is not perfect. I do believe that Wenger certainly know better than all of us, he knows what is actually going on inside the club. But to ignore the fact that Wenger does get things wrong and that there are serious issue is stupid, changes are needed and the club needs to stop ‘making do’ for the past 4 years we have been making do. Replacing instead of making additions and it simply is not good enough. Wenger is a great manager but he is also a stubborn one, and he can’t do it all alone, he needs someone to be there and challenge him, tell him what is needed etc. He had that figure in David Dein but not now, now all he has are people who will think things will sort themselves out and put all their eggs into to FFP basket.

In the end, we don’t need people calling for our manager’s head or pretending everything is ok. What we need to do as fans, regardless of what you think about what is going on in the club, is come together and give our best support to the club and end this division. It’s for the best.


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