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Arsenal Are Better Off With Arsene Wenger


The tensions have been brewing and the feelings of some fans have been heard from near and far. But, what would happen if that imaginary button pressed and ‘Wenger out’ was a reality?

Would Arsenal be in the top four-year after year, competitive in cup competitions and maintain their status as one of the bigger clubs in England. We don’t know, do we? It’s the great unknown. Will Pep Guardiola pick Arsenal and snub the feast of clubs vying for his signature, again we don’t know. To take such a risk for a club who are adamant to be ‘self-sufficient.’ Does other managers want to put up with this party line, because whether or not Arsenal fans would like to admit it they’re no were near competing for titles.

Then the club begins it metamorphosis into a middle ranked club. The average players on the Arsenal roster wouldn’t star some of the smallest sides in the Premier League. An obvious example, would Southampton pick up Sébastien Squillaci? Already suffering from defensive deficiencies, why further their woes.

No longer is Arsenal one of the stand outs, they can’t pull out a second string side without an air of trepidation. Whether or not people would like to admit it, the malaise of Arsenal football club isn’t the doing of Wenger, the board or the influx of ‘new money’. But a combination of all, because Wenger always had his faults they are not new. He’s never spent over 16 million for a player, and dare I say he won’t.

However, this isn’t the issue at hand. It’s the players who seem by many have lost faith in their French philosopher. Many have said “this isn’t 1996”, “Wenger’s living in the past” and whatever spin the media would like to make. But, can’t it be that he’s unfortunately made the wrong decisions – it happens you know.

These short comings have been with a view to find value in an overpriced market. In the back of his mind might’ve been the stadium money, the financial implications it might bring and how it will the purchase restructure his wage bill and in turn team. This is due to Wenger’s view of keeping a very socialist like wage structure, making sure players earn similar wages. To create a bond within the club and not create cliques within. I’m no way saying this is an ideal system, but it is his way. And the club has allowed him the right to create this wage structure, however, frustrating the so called ‘deadwood’ earn upwards of 50k a week.

This is another perceived mistake from Wenger, but it’s been working for 16 years and with some return. Arsenal is a side steeped in success because of Arsene Wenger and that gives him an incredible amounts of leeway and faith. Until the unthinkable happens Arsenal and Arsene are stuck together.


One comment on “Arsenal Are Better Off With Arsene Wenger

  1. What is Arsenal without Wenger.

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