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Warrior Carra Still Indispensable To Liverpool’s Season

Jamie Carragher has been putting his body on the line for Liverpool Football club since his very first game in 1996. His hunger and drive to succeed in a red shirt, his motivation to win every single game, his willingness to die for the cause and his unrelenting passion that he brings to every game instantly makes him an Anfield legend.

Without his incredible aura of toughness and experience who knows what Liverpool would have achieved over the last 10 years. Without his last second interventions, goal-line clearances and gut bursting defensive runs, Liverpool may not have lifted the European Cup in Istanbul or anything else for that matter. Every single time Jamie Carragher has put on a red shirt he has been wholeheartedly committed.

Having played 722 times now for Liverpool, Jamie Carragher still has the edge over Liverpool’s other international center half’s. Martin Skrtel was immense last season but has peated out somewhat this year and has created problems at the back on more than a few occasions this season. Sebastian Coates just doesn’t look up to it at all. So now, more than ever, Jamie Carragher is needed and by God has he delivered. Spectacular against Norwich and arsenal, is this Carragher’s renaissance?

That game against Arsenal was one that when Jamie retires, people will understand just what he brings to the game. Even though Carragher hasn’t been playing too often in the league, his sheer presence in the dressing room is indispensable  No matter what ground he is playing in, you can hear Jamie Carragher’s screams echoing through the ground. Liverpool just haven’t got another player who can do that so when Carragher is gone I think we will all really appreciate his excellence.

Without Carragher Liverpool look lackluster in defense  He may not be quick, but was he ever? What he does bring is a relentless passion that doesn’t seem to waver. His player management and organisational skills must make Brendan Rodgers job so much easier. When Liverpool lost to Oldham recently, Brendan Rodgers came out and slated the young players. He accused them of lacking “responsibility, intensity and hunger…. to do the dirty work.” In other words he was telling his youngsters to take a leaf out of Jamie Carragher’s book. All that Rodgers need to do is show the youngsters a tape of Carragher’s man of the match performance against Arsenal. It’s as simple as that. Having  a player like Jamie Carragher to guide you through and show you the ropes has to make it easier as a defender surely.

When I watch Jamie Carragher I don’t see a normal center half. I see a n animal of a man. He is a noble warrior who goes to battle and wields only his football boots. His war cry is his terrifying and commanding scouse shout that bellows for all hear each time he steps on the pitch. All Liverpool fans should now understand Jamie Carragher’s importance in the side. I think that for the rest of the season he has a very big part to play in Liverpool’s surge for European place. His renaissance is exactly what is needed at a time when experience seems quite limited. Perhaps a contract extension is order. Get on it Brendan!


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