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How Can Liverpool Compete For A Top 4 Finish Once Again?


As we all know, Liverpool have been a top 4 team for a long time in the past, but that streak seemed to stop a few seasons ago. Since then, Liverpool have been struggling to even finish in a Europa league place in the Premier League. And I hope I’m not the only one thinking “what on earth happened to a team who was beating Real Madrid 4-0 at one point to make them play so poor and so inconsistent?” Well that is one question we can’t answer ourselves. But we can answer this question: “How can Liverpool change their ways and compete for a top 4 finish again?” I’m going to try to give you an answer to this question.

Step 1: Don’t rely on Suarez all the time!!! Everybody knows that Luis Suarez has been the reds’ saviour from the moment he step foot at Anfield. But one man cannot make a team and therefore we must learn not to depend on Suarez too much if we want him to play consistently and at the top of his game. Overplaying him will just tire him out and may lead to an injury which will probably result in a goal drought for the whole team.

Step 2: Sign Xabi Alonso!!! I personally think that losing Alonso was what started the whole midfield mess at Liverpool. The fact that he has turned down a new contract with Los Galacticos is the perfect opportunity for him to make a long-awaited return to Anfield, which I’m sure will go well with every Liverpool fan out there. So with this opportunity it would be perfect for the team to have that powerful midfield again which would lift our teams spirit.

Step 3: Find a squad rotation system that actually works. Brendan Rodgers has this one problem that doesn’t sit well with me, it’s that lack of thought in his squad rotation. If you think that you can play a whole young team with Joe Allen and manage to win, then my friend I’m afraid you are mistaken. Favouring Joe Allen over every player in your midfield is not going to help you in any way let alone giving him the responsibility of leading a whole team to victory. Rodgers must learn to think of what style of play he wants from his team in the match then play a certain player in the certain position according to their strengths. Playing Joe Allen with a whole young team that has no experience and expecting that same passing and patient style of play is madness. E.g. if you want a quick playing style then try a team that is very light and quick on their feet.

Step 4: Don’t go over the top with the passing game. Liverpool have been trained to play a passing game since Rodgers has taken over which is fine and to be honest it works pretty well sometimes. But there have been few incidents where the players have tried to play it back and as a result of this, giving the ball away which has led to conceding a number of sloppy, avoidable goals. The patient passing game is a brilliant way to score goals, not to defend them! Moreover, passing around your own box is just plain stupid. Therefore Rodgers and his team must find a new way of managing in defensive situations, and playing the ball out isn’t always the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch a team play passing football because that’s how the game should be played but going over the top with it will just go in the other teams favour.

Step 5: Create better chemistry between the attackers. Now, Rodgers has signed a whole new attack apart from Suarez and Sterling. However the attack can’t play with each other due to the fact that they don’t know each other’s strengths and playing styles. What Rodgers needs to do is have some training sessions where just the attackers discuss between themselves how they like to play and how they think they can get goals using all of their strengths rather than just trying to score individually. Doing this will create better chemistry between them and they will know what to expect from each other on the pitch.


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