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The Return Of The King?


According to The Express, Arsenal’s hero might be returning to The Emirates in a coaching capacity sooner rather than later. The article expresses the belief that Thierry will be placed into the Youth setup after the recent announcement of Liam Brady’s retirement scheduled for May 2014. Brady, already an Arsenal Hero and someone Jack Wilshere has been likened to has been involved in the academy over the last 17 years and has done a remarkable job. During that time, he would have seen Jack Wilshere, Cesc Fabregas and more recently Serge Gnabry and Thomas Eisfeld hone their skills and work up to becoming fixtures in the Arsenal squad. If you follow me on Twitter, or have read any of my other reports, you’ll know that I am very much for the idea of having former players involved in the club at any level. Patrick Viera has a great role at Manchester City as their Development of Football Executive – and I would fully support him having a role within our club rather than that of City.

If there is any truth to these reports about The King returning he would be doing so in a role with the youth team, or so the report suggests. I would obviously welcome Thierry back with open arms, however I think he would also do a decent job of being a coach working with the Striking partnerships of the club. Imagine getting David Seaman or Jens Lehmann in to work with the Goalkeepers, Tony ‘Mr Arsenal’ Adams or Lee Dixon in to work with the Defenders, Ray Parlour or Robert Pires in to work with the Midfielders and Thierry working with the players up to. I think I’m in heaven. The wealth of experience that the afore-mentioned would bring to the table is vast, let alone the love for The Arsenal that they all have displayed on various pitches, in interviews and their lives; another trait that I am keen for our players to show. Admittedly, there are some who live, sweat and bleed Arsenal, but there are some that look as if they couldn’t care less.

These reports got me thinking. As much as I believe that former players working within the club is a positive thing, I cannot deny that it isn’t being proved right in front of my eyes. Steve Bould has had an almost topsy-turvy effect with The Arsenal since being the assistant manager. In the first three games, we didn’t concede a goal. Everyone put this down to Steve Bould working with the defence and every Arsenal fan was in their element – a problem that had been plaguing us since the demise of The Mad German in-goal had been fixed with the prominence of Wojciech Szczęsny, maybe now our defence was going to be as solid as it had previously been. However, as the season progressed and reports emerged of Arsene not allowing Bould to work with the defence, we started to concede more and more. However, the worst thing about Bould being the assistant is that he looks lifeless. Motionless. Almost like he’s given up – and this is his first season in the post! When I asked my Dad (A life-long Gooner) if Bould ever smiled during his career, he informed me that he wasn’t renowned for his smiling;  but I am still unconvinced it is normal for a man to look that miserable without being miserable.

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