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About Us

We are a fooball news website aimed at providing users of the site with up to date content, focusing on all of the world’s biggest football clubs and leagues. The Football247Now website will cover all of the latest transfer news, rumours, results, big football stories and more! We invite you to comment on any of the pieces you see featured on the website and interact with other football fans, getting your point of view across. The football website is run by football fans for football fans all over the world and we are determined to offer you with a top service you will enjoy using.


Once the site becomes more established we will offer our users with competitions with good prizes on offer for readers who use the site on a daily basis. Please feel free to share any pieces you enjoyed reading on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The more views the site gets, the more we can offer our readers. So be sure to spread the word and use the site as much as you can to view all of the latest football news, views and reaction.


You can follow us on twitter for all of the latest football news from around the world. We will also tweet up to date site content, competitions and much more! So make sure you follow us on twitter for all things football.


Our official twitter page is- @Football247Now





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