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10 Games For Liverpool To Find Themselves

  For every comprehensive victory for Liverpool this season, someone feels the need to caveat the victory. Either the opponent were severely under strength,  they put in their season’s worst performance, or even that they were just a bottom half team. For every hat-trick or brace from the mercurial Luis Suarez, we’re reminded that ‘he’s […]

How Can Liverpool Compete For A Top 4 Finish Once Again?

  As we all know, Liverpool have been a top 4 team for a long time in the past, but that streak seemed to stop a few seasons ago. Since then, Liverpool have been struggling to even finish in a Europa league place in the Premier League. And I hope I’m not the only one […]

Warrior Carra Still Indispensable To Liverpool’s Season

Jamie Carragher has been putting his body on the line for Liverpool Football club since his very first game in 1996. His hunger and drive to succeed in a red shirt, his motivation to win every single game, his willingness to die for the cause and his unrelenting passion that he brings to every game […]

Liverpool’s Academy; Something To Be Proud Of

  Last week, I watched Liverpool under 19s beat Inter Milan to secure their place in the last 16 of the Next Gen Series. The Next Gen Series for anyone who doesn’t know is a competition which mirrors the Champions League, but for youth players (and isn’t ran or affiliated with UEFA).  Liverpool not only […]

Players Liverpool Should Actively Seek To Sign In January

  One extremely annoying habit of Liverpool F.C is the fact that they always go after players that expect a higher level of football than what the reds can provide for them. It is the scout’s and manager’s addiction for highly rated players that leaves them with countless cases of rejection and they end up […]